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Help me help infants and families in Los Angeles!

Join me and help make a difference this National Breastfeeding Month, please give today.


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Join me in supporting real change in the lactation story of families in Los Angeles and beyond.

As a Postpartum doula, mom and education professional, I know how important it is to learn more about Breastfeeding and to walk into the birth experience feeling safe and understanding the Breastfeeding process. However, in working with my postpartum clients and through observation, I have realized that parents need more information and education regarding breastfeeding. They need to feel safe, listened to and understood. They truly need to have their questions answered and resources provided for them when things get tough in their breastfeeding journey.

I have been attending Breastfeed LA webinars for about 4 years at this point and I firmly believe in the mission of Breastfeed LA to help the breastfeeding community as well as improve professionals' access to comprehensive training on Breastfeeding. As a Postpartum doula, I think it would be invaluable to my clients if I were to provide Lactation Education classes and resources before and after the birth, because I would be changing the conversation one client at a time.
The Lactation Education Specialist Training from Breastfeed LA would allow me to provide a well rounded and supportive experience for my clients, something that is very needed in my community.

Please join me in supporting BreastfeedLA and make a donation today!